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PLEASE NOTE (message from Derek Baurmann/owner – Baurmann Gallery): The store is temporarily shut down due to the owner (myself) of  Baurmann Gallery experiencing some unforeseen serious health issues. All orders already placed will of coarse be fulfilled & if there was any issues w/ shipping, replacements sent, but to provide the best service possible, I decided it would be best to close it (in case anyone does not read this) for a short duration rather than being confused if an email is sent & not responded to ASAP. Hopefully just one more week or so…but there have been so many hospital says, like last night was the 3rd one & the first one almost 3 weeks, with coming home for 6 hours & being put back in as soon as I went to the ER again. It is painful & sucks, but I just wanted to take the chance to also give everyone a friendly heads up, as well as (VERY IMPORTANTLY TO ME) thank everyone who has supported everything over the years…& the few who have known about the unexpected health stuff, your words & kindness have been priceless…thank you all again!!!


“JUNCTION” by PRIME (left image)

HPM/Limited Edition serigraph – 3 color serigraph w/ hand applied mixed media embellishments 
Image Size – (Aprox.) 17″ x 22” (with hand deckled edges) 
Edition Size – 66 
Substrate – Kizuki Hoshu 75 gsm – Made by the National Living Treasure – Ichibei Iwano
Price – $100
Available via link below:
13 Press is proud to release our two newest editions by PRIME on Friday the 13th. They will be available @ 3:30pm PST via the Baurmann Gallery store (linked/detailed) above & below. An edition of 66 HPM’s/3 color serigraphs will be $100 & a special edition of 22 on rare Mitsumata paper will be $200.

Stemming from PRIME being given the cover by the Getty Musuem’s for the LA Liber Amicorum book that showcases 143 of Los Angeles finest tattoo & graffiti artists, these prints are a continuation of that project. Done on the highest caliber hand-made Japanese paper from a  National Living Treasure of Japan, every aspect reflects how special this project is.

The HPM’s are only $100, with the hand embellishments done with spray paint, markers & brushes. The $200 editions were done on Mitsumata paper, which takes 3 years to grow (& replenish). Working with the Getty, getting the cover & having that prestige it bestows obviously speaks for itself…PRIME definitely deserves those kind of accolades, hence also why (continuing it) & doing these prints also was such an honor. It’s also why when he did something ever more special & for such a great price around Christmas time, reflects even more why that cover (from such a prestigious institution like the Getty) could not gone to a better person or artist. Check out the store @ 3:30PM today @ thank you in advance for the interest.

“INJUNCTION” by PRIME (right image)

Limited Edition serigraph – 3 color serigraph 
Image Size – (Aprox.) 20″ x 25” (with hand deckled edges) 
Edition Size – 24 
Substrate – Mitsumata 300 gsm – Made by the National Living Treasure – Ichibei Iwano
Price – $200
Available via link below: